Customized Robots (according to prior agreement)

Our standard robots will be shipped in predefined colors, with an autonox nameplate and an logo. You also have the option to order your "customized design" robot. In the context of robot mechanics in "Customized Design", individual design adaptations such as colour, type plate etc. can be realised. "Customized Design" does not include any fundamental changes to the mechanics of your structure and/or your function.

Possible options after consultation:

- Different aluminium anodized colors (limited color selection)
- Your company logo on the nameplate
- Your company logo or robot designation as an adhesive label on the mechanics
- Adjustment of parts list (module definitions, number ranges, ...)
- Food-safe lubrication and gear oils
Your colors Your nameplate Your company logo or your robot
Our customers can download from our website for free all information regarding commissioning, stocking of spare parts and service. All you need is a user account which will be created for you upon your first order of an autonox robot. After a successful login you'll have access to specific documents for each standard robot. The documents are provided in a platform-independent file format (pdf).

Documents like "calibration dimensions" and "connecting dimensions" aid in setting up the robot and the "spare parts list" contains all available spare parts and options.

The download area can be accessed after login
Please contact us for more information (e.g. templates).