Our customers can download from our website for free all information regarding commissioning, stocking of spare parts and service. All you need is a user account which will be created for you upon your first order of an autonox robot. After a successful login you'll have access to specific documents for each standard robot. The documents are provided in a platform-independent file format (pdf).

 Top: Overview of robot-specific documents for product A_00088-01 in the customer download area

Documents like "calibration dimensions" and "connecting dimensions" aid in setting up the robot and the "spare parts list" contains all available spare parts and options. Depending on the type of robot, the standard robot mechanics are represented in at least five spare parts modules. Through the simple and structured design you'll find the required item quickly and safely.

Here are some exemplary excerpts from the trilingual spare parts list. Click on images to enlarge.

Would you like to integrate our mechanics as "your robot"? Upon request we'll change our standardized products according to your needs (e.g. your type plate, your logo or product name, anodized colours ...) to "Customized design mechanics".