MAJAtronic GmbH: Your E&D partner for parallel kinematics
and hygienic design

The MAJAtronic GmbH was founded in 2002 and - as a service company - deals with the development of machinery, facilities and devices, controllers and software. Our clients include engineering firms that have particularly specialized in the food industry, distributing and manufacturing their products in small to medium series.

We support your product: beginning with the idea, across testing and prototypes to the starting of the production. More and more frequently, challenging automation tasks are solved using our standard OEM automation modules. Here, the customers make use of our product portfolio (robotics, image processing and control units). In case of missing components, like custom grippers or software modifications, these are adapted from existing components or newly developed to suit your needs by the engineers of MAJAtronic GmbH.

We offer:
• Mechanical constructions in Hygienic Design
• 2d and especially 3d image processing
• dimensioning of drives and programming (especially servo technology)
• PLC programming
• robot programming

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MAJAtronic GmbH

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